Cwmoer 4’x2’6"

This was my first real effort in making a realistic model of a railway. Although not based an actual prototype, it was designed to fulfill a desire to capture the essence of a slate quarry - rundown, rusty and desperately trying to keep its head above water.

Cwmoer has been exhibited at many shows all over the country and was featured in the June 1997 Railway Modeller.

All photos by Stuart Marks

A Hunslet negotiates the rusty rails. All the stock seen here are white metal kits. The ground level is built up to cover the PECO trackwork sleepers giving it a nice old, sunken look.
The few buildings on Cwmoer were all scratchbuilt using balsa wood and plastic card.
A rather decrepid looking railbus built from a Wrightlines kit and powered by a Tenshodo motor bogie.