Over the years I have managed to knock up a few articles here and there. Below are some of the publications where my work can be found. Some are full blown articles, others are just photographs of my creations.

There are more in the pipeline so watch this space!

Railway Modeller Feb 2000
CWMDU write-up.
Railway Modeller Feb 2001
NANT-Y-GLO MINE write-up.

Railway Modeller June 1997
CWMOER write-up.

Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway
Modelling Review issue 64

NANT-Y-GLO MINE full write-up with many unseen photographs.

For more details of this publication, click on the image.

The 7mm Narrow Gauge Association
Articles covering CWMOER, CWMDU and NANT-Y-GLO MINE and general articles on modelling 0:16.5 narrow gauge.

For more details on this association, click on the image.

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