THE GN-15 PROJECT, part 2
I have tried to keep these pictures a decent resolution and size. Please allow a little time to download them. Thanks
There have been quite a few developments since my last update. For a start, I have 'inverted' the layout! Instead of having the lake in the middle of the layout and the track running round it, I have gently ripped up the cliff section (see previous page) and brought it forward. The lake (reduced to a stagnant pool), is now at the edge of the board and the track will run up one side, and down the other. The reason I have done this, is to increase the perceived size of the layout. I now have two 4' sides to the layout, which cannot both be seen at the same time, giving the illusion that the train is actually going somewhere. It also allows me nearly 8' of scenic layout on a 4'x2' board. It's difficult to explain but will become clearer when you view the pictures.
(Above) Here is an overall shot of the layout. Hopefully, it gives you a better idea of the design of the layout and methods of construction. No track has yet been laid but you can make out the trackbed on the 'cliff' level. The area nearest to us will be the fiddle area.

(Above) Here the white plaster casts have been painted and basic scenics applied. There is still a lot of weathering etc to apply. The 'water' has been created using varnish but once the surrounding area has been finished, a coat of resin will be applied to give it depth.


(Above) The other side where all the action will take place. There will be a passing loop and a siding for the working tippler/unloading dock. The odd cardboard building I use on all my layouts as a rough guide as to where the buildings will go. The trees have been placed in position temporarily for the sake of these photographs and to give me an idea as to how they will look and blend into the surroundings. The old truck (in primer) will be a derelict feature on the layout.

(Above) A couple of details shots. An old dram has been positioned on the level to give you an idea how it will look.
(Above) A close up of the trees. I have been pulling my hair out over making decent trees! It has been a long frustrating process which is only now delivering results. As the trees play an important part of the layout, I didn't want any 'bottle-brush' efforts. I am happy to use a bit of 'licence' when it comes to suppressing the actual size of the trees because in GN-15, they're flipping big, but if they looked naff, the whole atmosphere I was trying to create would be lost. The trees above have been placed in position on a temporary basis but I think I am happy with them. A close up of some of my better efforts are below.